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Dear Visitor, We Are Closed For The Winter.
We'll be Reopening Again in April 2015.
Mail Order Service
Mail Order
At the North Country Tree Nursery (NCTN) we specialize in cedar tree mail ordering. We will ship to you, via Fedex delivery, boxes of young cedar trees ready for you to install for yourself. Each tree has a softball size rootball (dirt pod) which helps it survive better than trees that are shipped bare rooted. Order from the convenience of your home using our secure online ordering. To learn more, Click Here.

Mail Order

About Us
The North Country Tree Nursery, located in beautiful upstate New York, was started in the Summer of 1994. Since then we have steadily grown step by step, customer by customer. The success of our tree is due to it's fast growth of 12"-18"/year which creates a privacy hedge that gives you a complete block within a few years. We sell hundreds of cedar trees each year hand harvested from our tree farm near the Canadian border(Sorry, we do not ship or install in Canada) . We have countless satisfied customers. We entered the internet market in 1999 with Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope to do business with you.
North Country Tree Nursery
(We do not have a retail outlet)
Installation Service
Installation Service

Every year we install hundreds of cedars for customers and in many cases the price for our trees with installation is less than our competitors tree prices alone. To learn more Click Here.

Installation Service

A full adult cedar hedge row can be achieved by properly maintaining your cedar trees. To learn more Click Here.